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A promising new voice

Bogman - R.I. Olufsen


A body is found in the bog and the archaeologist called to consult is excited about the potential for an iron age find. Also at the scene just in case is Chief Inspector Tobias Lange of Aarhus, Denmark. Neither alcoholic nor depressed, but an interesting character who reflects on his life and cares about others. As it becomes clear that the bones are more recent, he follows the trail of circumstantial evidence and slowly identifies the body and pieces together the motivations of the people who have ties to the dead man. What first looks like a crime of passion turns more sinister as further bones are found and draws closer to home as he finds suspects among his own acquaintances.


The way the story unfolds has a quite authentic feel, without much of the angst that is so often part of the Scandinavian crime fiction. Hope we meet again!


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