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When it all comes back...

The Andromeda Strain - Michael Crichton

The premise: Scientists have warned of the danger that a returning space probe might bring back a living organism from space. Protocols and facilities have been put place to deal with such an issue - if and when it arises. Now they will be tested.

Having been written half a century ago, the books shows it's age in the pace of things happening. The story is written as a review of how things progressed and where mistakes were made that could prove fatal.

I'm not sure I can give this book justice. As I started reading I realized that I had read it before - and even seen the film... Things kept coming back to me just before they came up in the story... Without this I think the tension would surely be there as the pace picks up. The premise is an interesting one and makes for a good story. I was a bit disappointed at the end though.