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A lovely book!

Eierlikörtage: Das geheime Tagebuch des Hendrik Groen, 83 1/4 Jahre - Hendrik Groen

Hendrik Groen gives us insights into this last stretch of life in home for the elderly. At turns funny, sad, whimsical, serious, sweet, he lets us partake in his struggles for dignity and purpose, faced with the realities of a body beset by multiple ailments, slowly lessening capabilities and ever present danger of further decline. Together with some friends he founds a club to escape for a couple of hours every week the constant complaints and reminiscing about old times having been so much better of a majority of the home inhabitants. As he puts it, there are many gentle souls there as well, but they just don't get noticed so much.
And in between their escapades he tells us about the realities of living in an elderly care center and how old age affects the individuals around. How fear is ever close: fear of losing the next friend, fear of the changes triggered by reorganizations of elderly care, fear of losing the last bit of independence, fear of losing the mind to dementia. How the failings of the body reduce one's action radius little by little - but also that there are ways to overcome these hurdles, how important friendship and support is.
I hope that if it ever comes to that, there will be someone like Hendrik around to remind us that life is for living and all possibilities start with the right mindset.